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Short video from the streets of Marrakech. Danish cookbook authors, foodies and favourite ladies Anne Hjernøe & Ditte Ingemann co-worked on their spicy book “KRYDRET“ and took to the roof top kitchens of Morocco to produce 80 mouth watering recipes.
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Roadtripping with the Opel Crossland X through forests, sandy shores and the urban jungle of Aalborg – a short video of what we found.
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Christmas was special this year - the greatest present of them all was orange and far too large to fit under the Christmas tree 🎄 - got a chance to take the Opel MOKKA X the long way home through Southern Norway and Sweden, to end up back home in Copenhagen.
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3 weeks around the beautiful Eastern parts of the Yucatán Peninsula – from busy Cancún to tranquil Tulum – among Cozumel-fish and Akumal-turtles, to golf carts and mantas in Holbox. On a mission to discover the undiscovered with Danish travel agency Nyhavn Rejser. 7 hotels in 3 weeks and here's what happened.
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