Design & SEO

Commercial, Frontend, Website

Over the years I've been lucky enough to work with a great amount of both local and international projects and clients (see selected clients below). My role has varied from visual design, to optimizing (SEO) and even project management, but always with a main focus on Frontend.

Since Frontend works as a bridge between design and programming, I've always strived to excel in both worlds so to understand and speak the language of both the UX designer with the user in mind and the programmer with a tendency to care more about systems, data etc.

I like to think this results in a unique personality that is able to build clever, simple and beautiful solutions from complex data and requirements.

HTML has been my second language for as long as I can remember and to this day I'm convinced that it's necessary to know the basic structure and semantics of the language to fully see it's potential.

Traditionally I've been part of the design-process, working with designers and UX'ers, and subsequently worked with programmers on implementation in various CMS-es such as Sitecore and EPiServer.

I would happily elaborate on each project, so if you are further interested please let me know.